Delaware Monument

The Confederate Heritage Trust donated to the

 delawarescvNearly 300 members of the general public and invited guests attended a Delaware Confederate soldiers’ monument unveiling ceremony sponsored jointly by the United Daughters of the Confederacy “Caleb Ross” Chapter #2635, and the “Delaware Grays”, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2068 on May 12th at the Nutter B. Marvel Museum in Georgetown, DE.

The monument features the names of over 70 Delawareans who fought in Southern Armies or supported the Confederate war effort including Lt. General Leonidas Polk and Delaware Governor William Henry Harrison Ross. There is a 9 foot obelisk and it is flanked by 25 foot flag poles on each side, one featuring the Delaware flag and the other featuring the Confederate battle flag. A Confederate battle flag is inscribed upon the obelisk and features a 14th star – for Delaware.

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