Ceremonial Arrival of Remains at the Yorktown

4-12-04    Ceremonial Arrival of Remains at the Yorktown
Pall Bearers (this group of photos includes the Official Ceremony and the dress rehearsal)

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Dixon P4120014e P4120015e P4120016e P4120017e P4120018e P4120072e2 P4120073e P4120076e P4120077e P4120078e-DixonArrivesOnYorktown P4120079e P4120080e P4120081e P4120082e P4120083e-DixonSalute P4120084e
Becker P4120012e P4120013e P4120019e P4120020e P4120073e2 P4120074e P4120075e2 P4120085e P4120086e P4120087e
Simpkins P4120009e P4120010e P4120011e P4120021e P4120074e2 P4120088e
Collins P4120008e P4120022e P4120023e P4120075e3 P4120090e P4120093e P4120094e
Carlsen P4120007e P4120024e P4120092e2 P4120095e P4120096e P4120097e
Miller P4120005e P4120006e P4120025e P4120026e P4120098e-miller P4120099e
Wicks P4120003e P4120004e P4120027e P4120100e P4120101e
Ridgaway P4120001e P4120002e P4120029e P4120030e P4120105e P4120106e P4120109e P4120110e
P4120031e P4120032e P4120033e P4120034e P4120035e P4120037e-colors P4120038e P4120039e P4120040e P4120041e P4120042e P4120049e P4120050e P4120052e P4120054e P4120056e P4120058e-interview P4120060e P4120061e P4120063e P4120064e-only3flags P4120065e P4120066e P4120068e P4120069e-honorguard P4120070e P4120071e-flags P4120113e-bugles P4120114e P4120115e P4120116e P4120121e P4120122e P4120123e-clardy P4120126e
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